Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Official OUTLINE!

Several people have asked to do stories on the film, and so I thought I'd share with you guys the standard issue outline!

I've censored out a few names because...well...I want to retain some surprises as far as casting goes! Anyway, here it is...

Main Moon Productions returns with the debut of it's most ambitious project to date, MONSTER MANAGEMENT SECURITY BUREAU of CINCINNATI! Jonas Treadway refuses to grow up. In a last ditch effort to promote his comic book at the mid wests largest anime convention, something extraordinary happens that will alter his life forever! With a mix of Japanese sentai (think Power Rangers), convention culture, and all things geeky, MMP takes us on a ride that will surely make your girlfriends think twice about you "getting too old for this". Starring D**** R****, Sullivan Smith, Jesse Hanson, Macy Fox, Landon Norman and ***** ******. Written by Ricky henry. Directed by Ricky Henry and Andrew Swope. Featuring original music by Shael Riley.

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