Monday, July 23, 2007

Meeting of the Minds

Last night we had a long meeting about MAGFest and the likelihood of MMSBC being ready in time. If MMSBC is nowhere near completion, rest assured we have a nice little backup plan in place. Not only will we bring you a ton of behind the scenes clips from MMSBC, we will also have a full trailer, and an amazing original short.

I got an email asking if Bizarre Love Triangle will be shown again. Honestly, I doubt it, but you never know. That's just one of those thing I think we'll leave behind this year and keep in the vault.

I wish I could give details about the "back up plan" but it would take all of the fun out of me.

Friday, auditions begin for Wuan. This guy has the best lines in the movie. I hope we find a winner.

ALSO! Main Moon Productions has always been very much associated with the Underground Wrestling Alliance, a local indpendant wrestling promotion. It's been a few years, but from what I hear the UWA may be back in full force this fall! This is awesome news. It's been a great year for MMP so far!

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