Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Wouldn't it be cool if MMSBC were a musical?

[Jonas:] What the hell am I doing, thinking with my willy? Knowing I don't love her, I tell her no, then kiss her toes.
[Kaori:] What the heck are you doing leading on that poor girl? You know there's something better, deep in you. Now let it through.
[Jonas:] Turn away from weakness, turn to something better. Show me how to live right. I never noticed you, now I worship you.
[Kaori:] Don't be talking silly. Save deceits for the young girls. You can talk for real to me. Close your eyes and leave the lies.
[Jonas:] Pain, pain go away. Come again another day. I got a friend tonight, a superfriend to make things right.

I hope you guys are enjoying the script...

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