Thursday, May 17, 2007

Midnight Hour

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So I'm getting more e-mails about this aborted Lupin thing than I ever imagined I would. As of right now it's up to 20,000+ hits on youtube. Crazy. Well, I have some good news and some bad news to report. The bad news is the only footage that was ever shot has been taped over. I needed a tape really bad for a wedding, and had no other option. Granted it wasn't all that impressive. Luke was so strung out and off of his game it wasn't even funny. Shane looked nothing like Goemon. Fujiko was much better looking on the internet than in real life. Bleh. You're not missing anything. Would I ever consider trying it again? Well, I wouldn't do it unless I had Josh and Luke as Jigen and Lupin, and I'd need to find the missing script, right? Good news is I found it, and I know it's the final draft because of this one piece right here:

Not speaking is the flower.


Silence is golden.

Nice of you to drop by.

Not exactly, but by the sound of things I suggest we do, and swiftly.

(characters are broken, the film seems to stop and the director yells cut, approaches Goemon, rips the horrible wig off)

Get off of my set. Where do they get these guys? Get out. Alright go on...

So, uh anyway I take it Fujiko has the card.

Yikes! It was bad. I had intentions to cast a real asian as Goemon at one point and a friend from high school name Kara (pronounced Shara...dont ask) to play Fujiko, but she nor were any asians available at the time. Eventually I may post up the entire screenplay, but for now I'm knee deep in the sentai project. But, I do want to thank everyone for the attention and the emails, so keep the questions coming! I'll be back next week with our first sentai costume test! YESSSS.

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