Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May Day

Hello! Thanks for the emails regarding the costume. Why was a guy wearing the pink suit? Stay tuned...(starring John Ritter R.I.P)

Buuuuut, I'm hear today to speak exclusively to our NKY fans. Later this week I will have an update on the much anticipated Super Buffet Cinema special that will air later this year. Its been in the planning stages for quite sometime, and while we can't give the exact date out yet, let me just say that it's "significant". However, in the meantime (because waiting sucks) I'm working on some new content that further explores the costumes and will be throwing together some reworked reruns to turn into the studio for those boring summer nights.

Also, if you haven't had the chance to add us to your SPACE, DO IT NOW!!

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See ya!

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