Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Crest of a Wave

Tonight I'm going to be uploading an uncensored clip from the upcoming Super Buffet Cinema season 3.5 episode(not the special thats airing in Novem...oops!). The episode that I'm going to be turning into the studio soon, is actually going to be built around a lost season 3 Halloween special. I skimmed through the material last night and it's not that bad. Pretty funny stuff if I do say so myself.

We shot a lot of host segments talking to the first lady of MMP, Allison Pangallo. I think you guys will find it entertaining. The film that will be going along with the show is an old bootleg anime called DALLOS. I have yet to watch it, and I probably won't. I hope you guys hate it as much as I would.

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Stay tuned for showtimes and stuff.

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