Tuesday, February 6, 2007

To our friends and fans!

Hey! Ricky here with Main Moon Productions! Now, before I get blasted by our critics for not having a "real" website and taking the easy way out, I do apologise. What this allows however is for everyone to easily check out the progress of what's sure to be a disaster in the making, MONSTER MANAGMENT SECURITY BEAURU OF CINCINNATI (MMSBC)! Yup. That's right, this is the follow up film that we'll begin working on soon. Sound exciting? No? Yeah, we're the people who brought you Bizarre Love Triangle...

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But fear not. As much good feedback as I've received on BLT, MMSBC is way off from the whiny romp of yesterday. What you'll experience is the making of a sci-fi action comedy masterpiece, and we're glad to have you along for the ride.

So to all of our local fans, and everyone we've met along the way, sit back relax, and watch some giant rubber suited monsters **** some **** up.

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Devon said...

Hey, girl, let me sing you a little song about you, I, and zentai.