Monday, February 12, 2007

Giant Shirts and Final Drafts!

Hey! Well, I have what I believe to be the biggest and most exciting news so far. After a successful 'help wanted' ad that was posted this weekend, the MMP crew spent hours searching for the right people to help us with the right kind of jobs, and so far the results have been overwhelming!

Just want to take the time to say thanks to all who offered help. We need it.

Next up, more scouting. This time, Magen and I went to the levee to see what we could find and what we found giant t-shirt?

Hmmm. We plan on having giant robots. Will it be big enough?

We can only hope. And, if you thought the last bridge we found was cool...well, this one is a different kind of cool. Cool as is cold as in covered in snow.

So now that we've got a good start in the early planning stages, and the final draft of the script expected to be completed and sent out by the weekend things are going a-ok. However, just hours ago, we had no idea what to say when we found out about this...

We'll be there. Count on it.

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